PCB Footprint Expert - POD Credits

NOTE: FPX files from POD are constantly updated for compatibility with newest version of the Footprint Expert. It is important you use the latest Footprint Expert or the data you download may be incompatible!!

POD Credits

Footprint Expert users can use POD Subscription or POD Credits to augment the powerful Footprint Expert features with content. While accessing POD via Subscription is most cost effective for users who need at least a couple dozen parts a year, users with low volume will find it most cost effective to use POD Credits. POD Credits can be used to download one part at a time as well as to request new parts.

Credits do not expire, are non-transferrable, are non-refundable. Accounts without a minimum of 1 POD Credit used during the calendar year are inactive accounts, and subject to a 24 POD Credit maintenance fee, to be deducted at the end of the calendar year.

POD Credits may be used for more than just downloading parts from POD. Credits may be applied at the rate of $1 per credit for purchase of any Footprint Expert software license, to request new parts, custom BOMs, or custom library work.

Note: New POD Credits may take up to 24 hours to post to your account.

Pricing for New Part Requests
Highlighted price currently accounts for over 95% of current part requests.
Parts are delivered in FPX format, exportable to any licensed CAD format and 3D STEP (standard component families only). New part requests are typically fulfilled within 24 hours, depending on volume, and whether we have all required data (mfr recommended footprint, component dimensions, etc).
Price Credits will be deducted automatically
if all details are accurate. If no valid datasheet link is provided for publicly available parts, there will be a $1 per part surcharge. Be sure to search POD before requesting a part, refund will not be issued if part already exists on POD.
Standard Packages (SMD & PTH)
(click links to see the 50+ component families)
Non-standard Packages
(using manufacturer-recommended patterns)
   - 2 to 4 pins
   - 5 or more pins

(FPX file will not post on POD)
Very Complex
(irregular pad shapes, 3+ hours to build)

    Without an active POD Subscription, new part requests also cost $1 or $2 at time of download.


  • The latest version of the Footprint Expert
  • USB Key ID or POD Builder ID where these credits should be assigned
  • Internet access to search/download parts from POD

Please note, it's important that you only purchase credits you will use while you have the latest released version. If you do not upgrade to the latest Footprint Expert version, you may have compatibility issues with downloaded FPX files from POD. There are no refunds or adjustments for unused credits or parts downloaded that are not compatible with older versions of the Footprint Expert (use the latest release).